Poliester Strapping Tapes


As of 2019, we have expanded into a new industry by starting the production of textile polyester tapes. The tapes are produced from dedicated yarns, certified for yarn quality every time. This makes us confident in the durability of our products every time. We offer three variants of WG fibre tapes:

- WG Standard tapes,

- WG LIGHT straps,

- WG SLIM straps (slimmed down version),

- HD Straps Reinforced (in the next future).

More recently, we have also included woven (GW) strapping in our production, for strapping pallets and loads with irregular shapes and requiring high resistance to tearing during transport.

We offer various types of GW woven strapping, mainly in standard sizes, but we are also able to produce all strapping variants according to customer requirements:

- GW Standard (Width 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm),

- GW HD Tapes (Reinforced in 19mm and 25mm widths),