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Polish producer of haberdashery - tex line

As a Tex Line company, we have for many years been involved in the production of haberdashery ribbons, selected according to customer specifications, in terms of the required material and color of the yarn. Our machinery is prepared for the production of quantities of more than 10,000m and considerably more.
The production we mainly specialise in is:

  • Haberdashery ribbons (in widths from 5mm to 30mm), in various configurations and colours,
  • Haberdashery Kedras,
  • Trimmings (in widths from 10mm to 50mm), in various configurations, weaves, thicknesses, colours,
  • Backstraps (in widths from 10mm to 50mm),
  • Strings (in thicknesses from 1mm to 10mm), selected according to customers' needs,  
  • Lanyards for sublimation printing in bleached, coloured and GRS variants,
  • Pocket strips for mattress frames. 

The main types of materials from which we produce belts are:

  • Polyester yarns (in various thicknesses, depending on the type of ribbon application),
  • Recycled Polyester Yarns (also offered with GRS product certification),
  • Cotton (in various thicknesses),
  • Polypropylene (with colour selected according to customer needs). 

The mode of confection is proposed with us in several combinations:

  • Coiled into discs in 50mb, 100mb lengths,
  • Coiled into coils in various configurations,
  • Coiled in a carton (depending on the width of the tapes). 

We offer: 

  • The highest quality of services offered,
  • Production deadlines (depending on the degree of sophistication and waiting time for the raw material in question), as soon as possible,
  • Very good prices and unlimited production capacity in relation to the quantities required.

We have all the necessary certificates to sell our products to economic sectors that require OEKO-TEX certification.

Global Recycled Standard