Here you can buy one of the most popular haberdashery accessories – velcro. These are really practical products for various purposes. They can be used for the production of convenience goods, clothes, sports equipment and many more! Available as one- or two-element systems, in the form of self-adhesive tapes, dies, belts.
Our assortment includes male velcro adjusted to be bonded with loops, velour, fabrics and female velcro, which can be combined. We also have self-adhesive velcro on rubber or acrylic glue, fixed to various surfaces, such as paper, wood, rubber, metal, leather, glass, plastic. Perfect for quick assembly and disassembly. They hold fast, provide stable fastening, are not sensitive to water, impact of harmful external conditions or high and low temperatures. We particularly recommend to use them as an advertisement carrier or for poster or canvas cover fastening.

We supply e.g. tailoring businesses, sewing rooms, furniture and advertising companies. We process big and small orders both for standard articles and tailor-made ones. The velcros are sold individually or in sets, usually on a beam (roll). However, they can also be cut to an appropriate length, according to the guidelines set in the order.