•  We manufacture durable (soft and rigid) carrier tapes from polypropylene, polyester with a matt or slightly lustrous finish. Can be plain or decorated. Come in various widths and a wide range of shades, from light and neutral colours to dark and intense ones. Our product catalogue includes woven tapes. They are made with the use of plain, twill, diamond or combined weave. Each of them provides a bit different effect and impacts the final appearance of the product. You are absolutely free to choose the technique we will use to manufacture these haberdashery accessories. Of course, using our knowledge and experience, we can advise you the best solutions possible.
    The carrier tapes we offer are universal and durable articles for many purposes, depending on the raw material used. They don’t get threadbare, break or tear, even under heavy load. Perfectly tolerant to extreme weather conditions. Can’t by damaged by moisture, UV radiation or frost. What is more, it is difficult to stain them, their surface is fluff-resistant and doesn’t decolourize or fade.
    Perfect for:

  • deck chairs, sledges plaiting;
  • manufacturing of bag and handbag handles;
  • production of leather products;
  • flag, advertising banners and tent fixing;
  • tablecloths, covers and blankets trimming,
  • fabric hemming;
  • clothes labelling;
  • backpacks and clothes decorating and finishing;
  • albums, invitations and gift cards decorating;
  • use as an exercise belt when practicing yoga or Pilates;
  • production of upholstered furniture;
  • production of sports and tourists’ equipment.